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Competitive pricing and Price stability

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The increasing buying power of RAPCO Ltd. is reflected in our material pricing, with even the smaller converter being able to share in the benefits. Our varied & global supplier base enables us to meet the specific price targets of our diversified clients.


Our ability to source alternative materials gives us a flexible ability to strike a balance in meeting our clients request for price-quality-service targets. 

Our track record with our partners nowadays allows us to smoothen further the price fluctuations that occur in the market, and to offer our customers longer price stability.

For many customers, dealing directly with the major material suppliers is either not an option, due to volume constraints or is restricting in logistical / operational terms.


RAPCO Ltd. has proved to be a reliable and effective partner for contract supplies. For most of its medium to large customers, RAPCO has been successfully operating :


  • buffer-stock warehousing (RAPCO warehouse)
  • consignment stock warehousing (customer warehouse)
  • PAYU facilities


Our support has also been extended to consider participating in project financing together with our customers.