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Commodity Polymers

Simple, Common, Low cost plastics

Commodity Polymers malta, RAPCO Ltd. malta

PE (Polyethylene) : HDPE , LDPE, LLDPE for injection, film, blow, extrusion and medical


PP (Polypropylene) : Homopolymer, copolymer, medical, blends for injection, film, blow and extrusion


PS (Polystyrene) : General purpose, high Impact, expandable (EPS), flame retardant


PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) : High-clarity, high-flow, impact modified, medical approved


ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) : Un-reinforced, glass/mineral reinforced, impact modified, paintable, flame retardant, medical


SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile) : Homopolymer, copolymer, un-reinforced, glass/mineral reinforced, impact modified, wear resistant, anti-friction, lasermarkable


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) : Un-reinforced, glass/mineral reinforced, medical